Certificate of Conformity to the Customs Union Technical Regulations
(Certificate CU TR)

Note: Since March, 15 2015 GOST R Certificates and Declarations, issued before coming in force of the new system of technical regulations of the Customs Union, are no more applicable.

This is why from 15.03.2015 GOST R above mentioned Certificates and Declarations are no more valid despite of their period of validity.

This document establishes the conformity of products to the safety and quality standards of the Customs Union. This certificate is necessary for customs procedure during product import into the territory of the Customs Union, and further commissioning and operation.

Following countries are members of the Customs Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia (beginning from October, 10 2014), Kyrgyzstan (beginning from May, 1 2015).

An Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) is in charge of data submitted for mandatory certification.

And Certification body is responsible for examination of the product compliance to the technical regulations on the basis of test results. Certification body makes a decision on safety of the product and its affect on the environment.

Certificate of Conformity to the Customs Union Technical Regulations is issued by an authorized certification body on the basis of presented set of documents, tests, monitoring of production site and inspection (applicable for a lot of certified products). This is examination of conformity to the Customs Union Technical Regulations. Products not yet subject to the Technical Regulations need GOST R certificate to be issued.

Only the Customs Union resident - a legal body or a self-employed person - can act as an Applicant. In case of certifying products manufactured outside the RF and CU an official representative of Manufacturer (importer) can act as an Applicant.

Validity period:

Applicant can define certificate validity period within 5 years. Validity period depends on chosen certification scheme:

  • Certificate for serial products. Validity period is 1-5 years.

  • Certificate for shipment is limited by invoice and delivery contract. Validity of certificate has no expiring (valid during the life cycle of the certified product).


Certificate of Conformity to the Customs Union Technical Regulations has a unified form and is valid inside the territory of the Customs Union. Certificate is printed on a special fraud-proof paper.

A certified product (in case of compliance with the technical regulations) must be marked with the special sign of EAC (Eurasian Conformity).

For the purpose of certification/declaring of equipment and machinery subject to requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 010 "On safety of machinery and equipment" and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 032 "On safety of high pressure equipment" it is necessary to develop safety justification.

Safety justification is a document containing a risk analysis and information from the technical documents on baseline minimum of safety measures. Safety justification is document supporting machinery and equipment through all its life cycle. Information on risk analysis during operation and after repairs is also necessary to be added to the safety case.  
Equipment safety justification is a necessary document only for newly developed and manufactured equipment after the current Customs Union Technical Regulations have been validated.   
Design engineer of machinery and/or equipment keeps the safety justification in original.  Manufacturer (company) and operator (company) keep the copy of the safety justification. 

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