Certificate of Conformity to CU TR 012 for Explosion-Proof equipment
(ATEX Certificate)

Note:  Explosion-proof equipment certification in the system of GOST R is no more applicable from 15 of February, 2013. All the certificates issued in this system before coming in force of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union are valid up to their expiration date but in any case within 15 of March, 2015.

Certificate of Conformity to the Customs Union Technical Regulations for Explosion-Proof equipment 012/2011 (Ex Certificate) is a mandatory document certifying that properly identified explosion-proof equipment is in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations 012/2011.

Explosion-proof equipment assumed to have preventing inflammability of near-by objects construction in case of emergency situation. Not only ex-proof equipment itself is a subject to ex-certification but explosion-proof components (gauges, enclosures etc.) of installations, specific packages and instruments as well.

Ex-Certificate is analogue of European Certificate of ATEX and US Certificate of UL.

Ex-certificate of Conformity could be issued for a lot of products or for serial production. Ex-certificate for many (batch) of products is issued only on the basis of analysis of the production quality system.

In the field of ex-proof certification CU TR Declarations and voluntary certification are not applicable. 

Only authorized bodies can perform testing and issue ex-certificates. Authorized bodies are listed in Consolidated register of certification bodies and test laboratories of the Customs Union.

Only the Customs Union resident - legal body or self-employed person - can act as an Applicant. In case of certifying products manufactured outside RF and CU an official representative of Manufacturer (importer) can act as an Applicant.

An Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) is in charge of data submitted for Ex-certification.

Certification body is responsible for examination of product compliance to the technical regulations on the basis of sample testing and test reports analysis. As a result certification body makes a decision on safety of the product affect on the environment and a consumer.

Validity period:

Depending on applicable scheme of certification Ex-certificate could be issued with the validity period within 5 years.

For the batch of product or single item a period of validity is not established. 

Ex-certificates of Conformity to the Customs Union technical regulations have a unified form and are valid inside the territory of the Customs Union. Certificate is printed on a special fraud-proof paper.

In case of Ex-certificate for certain equipment is issued this Ex-proof equipment has to be marked with Unified EAC sign and marked with the sign of Explosion safety Ex (the sign of ex-proof equipment as per regulations of the customs Union technical regulations).

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