GOST R Declaration of Conformity

Note: Since March, 15 2015 GOST R Certificates and Declarations, issued before coming in force of the new system of technical regulations of the Customs Union, are no more applicable.

This is why from 15.03.2015 GOST R above mentioned Certificates and Declarations are no more valid despite of their period of validity.

GOST R Declaration of Conformity is a document wherein a Manufacturer declares that supplied products are safe and meet requirements of the RF norms, hygienic regulations and other applicable regulations of RF. Both Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Conformity are of an equal legal capacity.

For a moment product declaring is performed mostly within a new technical regulations system of the Customs Union. If for certain product a technical regulation is not yet in force GOST R declaration for this product is to be issued. If technical regulation is in force then Declaration of Conformity to the CU TR is to be issued.

Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Conformity have differing degrees of responsibility. In the process of declaring only an Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) is fully in charge of the conformity to safety and quality requirements and not a third party as a Certification Body. In case of mandatory certification both Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) and Certification Body (issuing a certificate) take over responsibility.

GOST R Declaration of Conformity to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union is to be registered by an authorized body on the basis of presented by Customer documents, performed tests and inspections (for serial certificated products). This is an assessment of compliance to the valid standards of GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEEC.

Validity period may vary from one to three years depending on a certification process scheme.

GOST R Declaration of Conformity is valid within the territory of RF notwithstanding the region where it was issued.

GOST R Declaration is accepted in all RF regions notwithstanding the region of issuing. Document has a unified form and is valid inside the territory of the Customs Union. 

Declaration of Conformity does not require printing on a special blank. It is issued on A4 paper sheet.

Within a declaration process product is marked with RST sign.

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