Fire Safety Certificate

Fire Safety Certificate confirms product compliance with the fire safety requirements. Fire Safety certificate is required in customs control (during import), to perform commissioning and operation inside the territory of the RF.

Authorized certification bodies perform certification of products and services in the area of fire safety. These activities include monitoring of manufacturing process and inspection of certified products.

The list of products subject to mandatory fire safety certification is indicated in the article 146 of the Federal Law # 123 dated 22.07.2008 «Technical Regulations On Fire Safety Requirements». Product compliance is confirmed by issue of Fire Safety Certificate or Declaration. These documents are of an equal legal force.

Validity period:

  • Fire Safety Certificate for the serial products has validity period is 1-5 years. It depends on a scheme of certification.

  • Certificate for one-of-a-kind product and for a lot of products is limited by a life cycle period of the product.


Fire safety certificate is accepted in all RF regions notwithstanding the region of issuing. Document has a unified form and is valid inside the territory of the Customs Union. Certificate is printed on a special fraud-proof paper.

Market mark (fire safety sign) is placed on a product or product packing as well as in a supporting documentation provided to a consumer.

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