Fire Safety Declaration

Fire Safety Declaration is a way to confirm object compliance to the fire safety norms of the Technical regulations on fire safety requirements. This declaration is necessary in the trade and for use of products within the territory of RF, as well as to proceed customs control while importing products. 

Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Conformity have differing degrees of responsibility. In the process of declaring only an Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) is fully in charge of the conformity to safety and quality requirements and not a third party as a Certification Body. In case of mandatory certification both Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) and Certification Body (issuing a certificate) take over responsibility.

Both Declaration and Certificate are of an equal legal capacity.

Fire safety declaration is issued on the basis of Applicant information and materials or on the basis of results of fire safety and explosion-proof testing. 

Only authorized certification bodies can approve fire safety declaration, perform inspection of operation facility and check certified products.

Validity period:

Validity period may vary from one to five years depending on a certification process scheme.

Declaration is valid within the territory of RF notwithstanding the region where it was issued.

A fire safety marking sign is placed on the product or its package as well as in supporting docs submitted to consumer after sale.

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