Register of Shipping Approval
and Certificate

Certificate of RS Type Approval  is issued to confirm compliance of a product with the RF quality standards in the area of Register of Shipping responsibility.

The Register of Shipping performs technical monitoring of the following groups of equipment:

  • Nuclear-powered vessels and nuclear maintenance ships

  • Fiberglass vessels and boats

  • Life-saving equipment

  • Supply devices and supply equipment

  • Signal devices

  • Radio equipment

  • Navigation facilities

  • Fire safety protection

  • Mechanical installations

  • Pipelines and systems

  • Machinery

  • Boilers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels

  • Electrical appliances

  • Refrigerating machinery

  • Welding and other materials

  • Lifting appliances

  • Automation facilities

  • Pollution control of vessels equipment and appliances  

Contact information
Tel: +33 145 226 590   

Fax: +33 145 221 989


39, Rue de Liege

75008 Paris, France