State Registration Certificate
of the Customs Union

State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union confirms the conformity of imported into the territory of the Customs Union production to the hygienic safety norms for human health and life valid in the CU.

This certificate is issued on the basis of testing and State Registration procedure in Rospotrebnadzor.

State Registration Certificate is necessary to proceed customs control while importing the products and to release into the free circulation the products manufactured in the territory of the Customs Union.


Following countries are members of the Customs Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia (beginning from October, 10 2014), Kyrgyzstan ( beginning from May, 1 2015).

State Registration Certificate is mandatory document for regulated production. Voluntary State registration is not applicable.

To confirm product compliance to hygienic norms Manufacturer or Vendor can proceed with voluntary Sanitary Rospotrebnadzor expert conclusion.


State Registration Certificate is issued in the Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance (Rospotrebnadzor). Currently certificate can be issued within the territory of each country of the Customs Union.
Products subject to hygienic monitoring and issuing of relevant documents are listed in Consolidated List of products subject to hygienics control.

Short list of products subject to State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union:

  • Alcohol including low alcohol products, beer, mineral water and other tonics;

  • Baby foods, products for lactating mothers and pregnant women, clinical and sport nutrition, biologically active supplements and raw materials for its production;

  • Nutrition products with homogenized and transgenic microorganisms used in manufacturing process;

  • Various nutrient additives, enzymatic agents;

  • Cosmetic products; oral hygiene products and devices;

  • Disinfectants, disinsectants and other similar products;

  • Household chemicals;

  • Biological and chemical substances involving danger for environment and individuals;

  • Water treatment means for use in household and potable water supply systems;

  • Personal hygienic products for children and adults, products for children under 3 years of age;

  • Products contacting with products for cooking and serving food except glassware, utensils and process equipment.

A validity period of State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union is not limited.


State registration of products is performed onัe in the period of industrial production of domestic RF products or once in the period of imported production supply. BUT the document could be canceled in case of mistakes in issuing or in case of essential changes in standards concerning registered production.


In case of revocation it is necessary to reissue State Registration Certificate with respect to the reasons of revocation.


State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union has unified form and is valid within the territory of the Customs Union. Document is printed on Rospotrebnadzor specific fraud-proof paper. 

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