Sanitary Rospotrebnadzor
Expert Conclusion

Sanitary expert conclusion (former hygienic certificate) like a State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union confirms product safety and conformity to hygienic norms of the Customs Union. 

Expert conclusions are necessary to proceed the customs control while importing product (if situation concerning hygienic surveillance appears by the reason of container damage, documentation inconsistency or existing information on violations relevant to this supply), to release into free circulation the products manufactured in the territory of the Customs Union and to issue mandatory or voluntary certificates. 

Unlike State Registration Certificate, Sanitary Rospotrebnadzor expert conclusion is issued on a voluntary basis.

Following conclusions are relating to expert conclusions:

  • Hygieniс expert conclusion (sanitary and epidemiological expert conclusion).

  • Expert conclusion on country of origin (certificate of origin).

  • Expert conclusion on alcoholic content.

  • Expert conclusion on ozon content (ozon conclusion).

  • Veterinary expert conclusion.

  • Phytosanitary expert conclusion.

  • And others.

Expert conclusion like a State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union is issued by Rospotrebnadzor. 

Expert conclusion report has a unified form and is valid within the territory of the Customs Union. Document is printed on Rospotrebnadzor specific fraud-proof paper. 

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