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Industrial safety expertise

Note: Beginning from January, 1 2014 as per official Federal Law №22 RTN and Federal Law 116 dated 21.07.1997 (version dated 13.07.2015) an operating permit for  equipment, used in hazardous production facilities is not required.  This operating permit is substituted by the confirmation of conformity with the requirements of Technical regulations (CU TR Certificate of Conformity) or Industrial safety expertise - depending on  equipment type. 

Permission documentation issue is out of the jurisdiction of Rusaccreditation. The process of permission issue is defined by Rostechnadzor. 

Technical regulations managed by Rostechnadzor:

  • Technical Regulations "On safety of gas consumption and gas contribution networks" 

  • Technical Regulations "On safety of buildings and structures"

  • CU TR 010/2011 - "On safety of Machines and Equipment"

  • CU TR 011/2011 - "Elevators Safety"

  • CU TR 012/2011 - "On Safety of Equipment in Explosion Hazardous Environments"

  • CU TR 016/2011 - "On Safety  of Devices, Operating on Fuel gas"

  • CU TR 032/2013 - "On Safety of Equipment for High Pressure"

Industrial safety expertise (expert conclusion) is an evaluation of compliance of the reviewed object with the applicable requirements of industrial safety. Examination is performed by a curated group in accordance with the protocol after a relevant contract on expertizing is signed. Plan and methods, site visits (if necessary) are to be agreed with a client (customer).

Industrial safety facilities subject to expertise:

  • hazardous industrial facilities (fire explosive, chemical, special chemical, metallurgical, oil gas, petrochemical, gas distribution and gas consumption,  coal, mining and non-metallic  industries, major pipeline transport, boiler and pressure vessel control facilities and lifting equipment and so on),

  • relevant buildings and constructions,

  • technical devices operating on hazardous facilities.

Rostechnadsor industrial safety expertise is applied to goods, which are not subject to the Customs Union technical regulations. So, it means that technical appliance used on hazardous production site is subject to industrial safety expertise only in case when technical regulations are not applicable for approval of compliance with safety norms. In the following cases industrial safety expertise is necessary:

  • before beginning of technical appliance operation on hazardous production site,

  • at the end of service life or if the number of load cycles determined by manufacturer of the technical appliance is exceeded,  

  • in case  if service life of the technical appliance is not indicated in relevant technical documents and the real service life exceeded twenty years,

  • after a technical appliance construction modification, or product bearing components material replacement, or in case of restoring repair after emergency situation, or accident on hazardous production site which involves damage of this technical appliance.

Only Rostechnadzor licensed bodies can perform industrial safety expertizing as per Federal Law  116-ФЗ dated 21.07.1997 (version dated 13.07.2015) «On industrial safety of hazardous production sites».

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