Technical Passport

Operation (maintenance) documentation is intended to provide full compliance with requirements on design, production and use of products and equipment.

For products and technical appliances used in hazardous industries the development of operation documentation is a necessary procedure. Technical passports and manuals are the basis of further product certification process and other important documents, issue necessary to release in a free circulation.

Operation documentation shall conform to GOST standards and Technical regulations.

Technical passport (product passport) is a document issued for each product item. Passport goes with the product item during the product life cycle up to disposal. Passport includes main information about the product or equipment:

  • product features

  • complete set (package contents)

  • resources

  • life cycle

  • certification terms

  • operation requirements

  • storage requirements and terms

  • disposal terms

Technical passport is mandatory document for technical appliances and is a part of their support documentation. 
Technical passport should be issued according to TR and GOST requirements and is basic for obtainment of Certificates and Declarations of conformity.

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