Justification of safety

For the purpose of certification/declaring of equipment and machinery subject to requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 010 "On safety of machinery and equipment" and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 032 "On safety of high pressure equipment" it is necessary to develop safety justification.

Safety justification is a document containing a risk analysis and information from the technical documents on baseline minimum of safety measures. Safety justification is document supporting machinery and equipment through all its life cycle. Information on risk analysis during operation and after repairs is also necessary to be added to the safety case.  
Equipment safety justification is a necessary document only for newly developed and manufactured equipment after the current Customs Union Technical Regulations have been validated. 

Design engineer of machinery and/or equipment keeps the safety justification in original.  Manufacturer (company) and operator (company) keep the copy of the safety justification. 

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